Upper Tier Waste Carrier and Dealer.

Chippenham Pallet Co Ltd (Trading as CPC Products Ltd) have a valid ‘Upper Tier Waste Carriers Licence’

Issued by: Environment Agency

No: CBDU79191

Expiry: 6th February 2025

As an upper tier carrier, we are legally covered for transportation of waste wood and polystyrene products.

Upper tier licencing means we can carry our own waste products as well as other businesses waste products.

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United Kingdom Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme (UKWPMMP)

Chippenham Pallet Co Ltd (Trading as CPC Products Ltd) has valid UKWPMMP accreditation.

Issued by: Forestry Commission

No: FC0424

Expiry:11th November 2023

As a licenced site for ISPM15 Heat Treatment of softwood products, we are audited on a 6 monthly basis to ensure we stay compliant with the current regulations and legislation for marking and certificating products to ISPM15 standards. (Heat Treatment)

All heat treated softwood products are treated here at our site in our own purpose built heat treatment facility.

We can cope with items up to 2 metres wide x 2 metres high x 12 metres long.

Heat Treated softwood products can be exported worldwide once they have been treated, stamped and certified.

Any natural timber products; Pallets, Crates & Boxes, travelling outside the UK after 1st Jan 2022, need to be stamped and certified.

It is a legal requirement to have a certificate specific to the stamps on the items you wish to export.

We provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ for this purpose.

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Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certification

Chippenham Pallet Co Ltd (Trading as CPC Products Ltd) has valid FSC certification.  

Issued by: Interface NRM

Certification No: INT-COC-002512

Licence Code: FSC-C105712

Expiry: 17th April 2026

As a certified site for the sourcing and supply of softwood timbers, we comply with the responsible harvesting of timber products following the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) procedures.

We follow an evidential Chain Of Custody: Harvesting of timber – Sawmill – Supplier point of sale – Our point of purchase – Our manufacturing process – Final sale to the client.

Assuring our customers of responsible forestry throughout the manufacturing process.

Items are only FSC certified if requested.

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