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Expanded Polystyrene Packaging Products

Following the acquisition of CS Manufacturing Ltd or Bristol, in late 2019, we moved the polystyrene manufacturing to Chippenham in Wiltshire.

Brian Simmons the owner of CS Manufacturing Ltd, was in the process of retiring after building up the business with his son, Scott.

Scott wanted to carry on in the business he had helped grow and decided to relocate to Chippenham to run the poly division.

Brian still does the odd day here and there with us as well as acting in a consultancy role to Scott when needed.

Established in 1978, then purchased and relocated to Wiltshire in 2019, CPC Products Ltd was born.

We offer a huge range of hot wire cut polystyrene products formed from raw poly blocks in a range of densities.

Polystyrene packaging in Wiltshire


Built on reliability, service and reputation, we supply a high quality packaging service to both industrial and domestic customers alike.

Our company uses expanded polystyrene packaging (EPS, XPS) to create custom designed products, cut and formed to almost any shape.

Our expanded polystyrene packaging is ideal for the transportation and carriage of fragile goods and available in block and bead forms.

Other items include cake dummies, bottle packs, cylinders, and Styrofoam sheets.

Our expanded polystyrene packaging is manufactured to bespoke designs, suitable for your requirements.

From protecting fragile goods to insulation and point-of-sale display, our range of polystyrene packaging is second to none.

No matter which products you sell or transport, CPC Products Ltd can design custom made protection to ensure your goods arrive in the same perfect condition that they left your business.

CPC Products Ltd products include expanded polystyrene, custom designed packs, small to bulk runs, cut to size insulation and bags of beads suitable for bean bags.


Bags of Bead


Corner protectors








Hot wire cutting and shaping


Sculpture and scenery applications


Bespoke design


Bespoke design


Box inserts


Food and drink packaging


Loose Fill

Polystyrene packaging in Wiltshire
Polystyrene packaging in Wiltshire
Polystyrene packaging in Wiltshire

All of our design and manufacturing is carried out in-house.

We will attend to your hot wire cut packaging needs from start to finish to ensure the best customer service.

We have a range of delivery services available to keep you moving as a business.


Our own vehicle delivery / collection service


Parcel overnight and 2 day services


Export Services


Pallet delivery network


Personal collection from our factory

Polystyrene packaging in Wiltshire
Polystyrene packaging in Wiltshire

Polystyrene Recycling

Polystyrene is largely regarded as a nuisance material and there is a big misconception that it is non-recyclable.

However, this is not the case.

Polystyrene is 100% recyclable.

We have invested on plant and infrastructure so that we are able to compact and recycle unwanted polystyrene. It is compacted by 50 times its original mass into an extremely hard extruded block material. (See photos).

This palletised material is then sold through various polymer reclamation agencies to be reused as a clear polymer resin.

The only requirements for compaction is that the polystyrene is clean, dry and free from contamination.

We offer a collection service and we can supply bags for collection of your waste polystyrene.


CPC Products Ltd is a licenced waste carrier.

CPC Products Ltd are very proud to have obtained Carbon Neutral Status across their group of companies in July 2022.

Our commitment to customer service, quality and delivery is without compromise.

Contact us NOW for polystyrene packaging in Wiltshire and beyond on 01249 750147

Boxes & Pallets

Providing a vaste range of quality new and used pallets and boxes.


Offering a huge selection of fencing products and materials.


Our service provides polystyrene in many configurations.

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